DropBox Security Issues

Recently, Dropbox was seen to have a security flaw in their “shared secret links” to files and folders. It you share the document with a friend and your friend clicks on the link, you could leak the URL of that document or that link to the hosting site and anyone else observing your traffic. While Dropbox says they’ve fixed the flaw, they are not saying how they fixed it.

We do not believe that your data on Dropbox is protected by this “secret” link sharing. Here’s the reality. If you upload data to a cloud and haven’t encrypted it with your own encryption key, that data is not safe and secure.

So, how do you approach data security? Simple: “Trust no one”! The solution we recommend is SafeGuard Encryption service for Cloud Storage and mobile encryption. It’s important to encrypt your files and backups BEFORE you upload them to any cloud storage. Do the job yourself – or have AAMComp teach you how!

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