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Aamcomp Computer Technologies
405-751-5300 or (405) 254-6060 - after hours/emergencies
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Check Out The Specials Aamcomp Computer Technologies In Edmond, Oklahoma / Oklahoma City has to offer!



We have a special on Printer Maintenance & Cleaning for only $69. This includes Thorough health check, roller cleaning, paper & toner dust vacuuming.


We buy obsolete computers when you upgrade to a new one. Ask us for details.


Finally! A way for you to protect your precious data, emails, contact list, work projects, word documents…and more!

AAMComp Computer Technologies uses only the MOST SECURE, ENCRYPTED Cloud backup to protect your priceless data. With 128 byte encryption; with a special key to open and read the information. FACT: Businesses that lose their data due to disasters or computer failure loose thousands of dollars. Some never recover. Why take that chance when it is so simple to protect your priceless data? Our trained technicians will customize your very own backup plan. Then, if you like it – you can keep it and pay the low monthly fee for safe, secure, reliable data backup services. Click here for information to learn more about our data backup services! We are OKC’s number 1 solution for DATA BACKUP & can provide data backup anywhere!

Data Recovery OKC

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We ALWAYS run monthly specials on different printers and computers.

Why put up with that ANNOYING, slow-moving computer? That printer that is older than the hills? The newer technology has so much to offer your business. We continually hear business owners say “I really need to by a new computer before this old one crashes and burns!” Your data on that computer is precious. We’ll professionally move your data to the new, powerful, cost-effective computer.

Not sure what type to get? No worries. Ask us. We’ll chat with you to see what you may need and give you some suggestions to fit your budget and business computing needs. Call us now to find out our specials. Claim your special offer by printing off this page and presenting it to one of our AAMComp highly trained I.T. professionals. We have the best computer and printer specials available in Oklahoma City.

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No matter what the service is we are looking to provide our customers with a high-quality level of support and a reasonable price. Contact Aamcomp Computer Technologies located in Edmond, Oklahoma north of OKC today! Our OKC Computer Repair & Technology Experts are standing by!