Aamcomp Computer Technologies
405-751-5300 or (405) 254-6060
Aamcomp Computer Technologies
405-751-5300 or (405) 254-6060

Computer Repair & Virus Removal In OKC, Moore, Norman & Wherever Technically Reachable!

Aamcomp Computer > Computer Repair & Virus Removal In OKC, Moore, Norman & Wherever Technically Reachable!

Highly Trained OKC Computer Repair Agents In Oklahoma City & Surrounding Areas!

The staff at Aamcomp in OKC are looking forward to being your computer repair specialists. Our Computer repair technicians are trained for both Home and Office repairs. We specialize in Small Office computer repair needs.

We have Local Oklahoma City computer repair technicians that can fix or repair just about anything and everything, including:

  • all manufactured computers / PC’s
  • all custom built computers (aka “clones”)
  • all business workstations
  • all servers
  • all laptops


We want to be your Oklahoma City Computer Repair Specialists! Contact our OKC Computer Specialists today! Our OKC Computer Repair Specialists are standing by ready to help!

Computer Repair expert which serves Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, Norman and surrounding areas.

Computer repair in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, Norman.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal Services

It can happen to anyone: virus infections and attacks are sneaky and often go unobserved.

Here’s some of the most common ways your PC can become infected with a virus:

  • Clink on a link
  • Going to an infected website page
  • Someone else used your computer and downloaded a virus by mistake.
  • Opening an email attachment and finding out it was infected

Anti Virus Support & Removal Oklahoma City!

What are some of the symptoms of PC Virus Infection?

  • Slow performance
  • Freezing up
  • Unable to launch programs


The best way to see if you have been impacted by a virus is to have us scan your computer for viruses. Once we’ve done a scan, we can determine if an infection is present. Then, we can start the removal process to get your pc operating safely, swiftly, and securely. Contact Aamcomp Computer to get the best Security and Anti-Virus Support you can get!

On-Site / Mobile Technicians That Will Come To You In OKC & Surrounding Areas!

Yes, Aamcomp has mobile technicians that do on site repairs, that can go to your office, business or home in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, Norman or surrounding areas! If you are unsure whether or not we can work on a particular unit, give us a call at (405) 751-5300.  We probably can, we work on everything and anything computer/PC or Office Machine Related.