Business Telephone / IP Telephone

OKC, Edmond and surrounding areas Business Telephone Sales and Support!If you are looking for the best Business Telephone / IP Telephone Sales and Service our Oklahoma City based company can help! We resell, install and service Cytracom IP Telephony.

Enterprise-Grade VoIP

We provide an enterprise-grade VoIP business communications system hosted in the cloud. Our VoIP is state-of-the-art with all the features, phones, and quality service you expect.

Most Business Telephones and IP Telephones have features such as Auto Attendant, Call Conferencing, Hunt Groups, we offer a wide suite of features to power your business and enable seamless communications.

Our Evolve program provides new phones every 36 months for our end users in addition to a lifetime warranty. This provides a unique benefit for our customers by seamlessly keeping them up-to-date on the latest desk phones with the related features and functionality.

More reasons to choose Amcomp for your VOIP needs!

  • Lifetime warranty on phones with service.
  • Seamless Phone to PC Interaction


Today’s business worker is constantly in front of a computer while on the phone.  Cliq, our unique desktop application, blends the phone system and computer to seamlessly allow end users to interact with voice communications. Our Business Telephone / IP Telephone Sales Specialists which are located in Oklahoma City are looking forward to working with you. Click here to be redirected to our contact page!